Berrien Area Hockey Association

2020-21 Volunteer registration w/ USA Hockey Validation


Welcome to the Volunteer Registration with BAHA/Garden Youth Hockey League

In this session, you will need to have available:

A Current USA Hockey Number

SafeSport Certificate

Background Check Receipt


If you do not have these items here are the links to obtain them:

USA Hockey #:


Safesport Training:


Click on "if you are a member of a National Governing Body, access training here, or contact your NGB for the training portal through your membership".  Then click Register. we are MAHA District 6. 


Background Check:

For members who were last screened through their Affiliate after April 1, 2019, for the 2019-20 season, their screens will be valid for the 2020-21 season, and will not need to be screened under the new system until prior to the 2021-22 season. If a member’s most recent screen is from prior to April 1, 2019, the member, if in a position that requires a background screen, will need to be screened under the new system in order to participate in the upcoming 2020-21 season.  

Please read through each page carefully to ensure that all information is provided accurately.


Please direct any questions regarding this registration to:

Dan Schoeneich

ACE Coordinator

Phone: 269-599-0473